Feeding Families. Every Month. Every Lush.

Here's the thing.

We love our business. We love creating new recipes, selling favorites, and working with other small businesses. However, since the beginning, we could never shake the feeling that we are making and selling a high-end organic cocktail while neighbors, fellow Americans, and people throughout the world struggle to afford enough food and clean water.

This is how our program, "Every Month. Every Lush." was born.

We've been inspired by other companies with similar missions. We believe it's one of the greatest blessings and responsibilities of small businesses. And when we tire, feel the pressure and stress of a manufacturing business, or face disappointment, it's this program that motivates us to keep going. In 2022, enjoy fun, friends, family, and delicious cocktails with us.

And, let's fight hunger and thirst together!

Every Month. Every Lush.

January 2022

Believe it or not, 785 million people lack access to clean water - that's 1 in 10 OR 2x the US population. This means girls can't go to school b/c in 8 out of 10 situations, girls have to collect water. Dirty water kills more people per year than all forms of violence, including war. Let's put an end to it! Visit www.charitywater.org .


Too many American families and American children face food insecurity and hunger. Feeding America and Food Bank of the Rockies are great programs that put donations directly to work to help. We are proud to partner with them. Visit www.foodbankrockies.org.


We feel blessed to give to our local (Lush headquarters) food pantry, especially during the off-season, when many businesses close (and therefore sources of income). This beautiful valley is home to beautiful families, and its important to us to support each other!


Devastatingly, an April fire burned 6 homes to the ground in Kelli's hometown. We've used our April donations to help support the families in any way needed. Please continue to lift these families up and pray for all involved so that beauty may somehow rise from these ashes.