Curated Lush 6-Packs
Curated Lush 6-Packs
Curated Lush 6-Packs
Curated Lush 6-Packs
Curated Lush 6-Packs
Curated Lush 6-Packs
Curated Lush 6-Packs
Curated Lush 6-Packs

Curated Lush 6-Packs

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Style Spring & Summer

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***Lush PALOMA is sold out! Ginger Hibiscus will be sent in its place until it's in stock again.***
Lush is a show-stopping line of organic mixers that create deliciously refreshing wine slushies & craft cocktails. Simply mix any bottle of wine with Lush, freeze (or heat for Spiced Wine & Apple Toddy), and serve. These 3-Packs are some of our favorite combinations throughout the year.

Lush is hand-crafted with real-food ingredients in Colorado. What make's our Spiced Wine taste like apples, oranges, and fresh spices? Apples. Oranges. Fresh Spices.

With each package sold, Lush donates to help families struggling with hunger through local and int'l charities. We source sustainable ingredients, use "green" packaging, carbon-offset shipping, and kitchen share.

Bottle of Wine + Lush.

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Spring & Summer 6 Pack:: This delicious & refreshing combination includes Original Frose', Sangria, Strawberry Basil Lemonade, Margarita, Ginger Hibiscus, & Paloma. Take your cocktails to the next level with these craft flavors!

Autumn & Winter 6-Pack: 'Christmas in a cup'. Lush Spiced Wine is an award-winning craft cocktail made with real-food ingredients and traditional spices. This 6-pack combo is inspired by Apples, Citrus, & Spice! It includes Original Frose', Sangria, Moscow Mule, Ginger Hibiscus, Apple Toddy, & Spiced Wine.

Details of all the Flavors:

Original Frose': This 100% organic mix turns any wine into a decadent wine slushie. It imparts a slightly sweet flavor, but does not overpower the wine. You’ll enjoy the delicious flavor of any wine you choose in this frozen cocktail!

Lush Sangria: Want delicious and authentic citrus Sangria without all the work? You’ve got it. With real fruit mixed into every bag, Lush Sangria delivers one of the best Sangrias you’ve ever tasted, in minutes.

Lush Strawberry Basil Lemonade: A true taste of summer that’s perfect any time of year! You’ll love this delicious mix of sweetened lemons, delicious strawberries, and savory basil.

Spiced Wine: Lush Spiced Wine is an authentic mulled wine. It's a balanced and deeply-flavored mixer, made with organic spices, real oranges, and apples. It's been named to top 10 lists and called Christmas-in-a-cup. Simply mix with wine and water, heat in 5 minutes, and voile, you've got yourself an amazing craft cocktail. Little-known secret: It actually makes a divine slushie as well!

Ginger Hibiscus: A truly gourmet and delicious blend of delicate hibiscus, spicy ginger, and subtle green tea. Mix it with white wine and optionally, sake. Then, enjoy its enchanting flavor.

Lush Paloma: A delicious, refreshing, grapefruit + lime cocktail with a hint of rosemary. It doesn't get better then this.

Lush Margarita: If life gives you wine, why not make a margarita? White wine, tequila & Lush Margarita create an authentic, delicious drink that’s neither too sour nor too sweet. Serve on the rocks or frozen.

Lush Moscow Mule: A beautiful blend of subtly sweet flavor with a kick of ginger & lime. Mix it with white wine and vodka for a refreshing, unique, and captivating drink. You will be hooked on its authentic taste!

Lavender Lemon: This is the stuff of dreams. Sweet, delicious wine slushie dreams. Lush Lavender Lemon is a perfect balance of savory lavender and bright lemon. It's crisp, refreshing, and delicious.

Apple Toddy: Use white wine and whiskey for a warm gourmet apple toddy cocktail in just minutes. Real apples, lemon, and cinnamon combine for a perfect fall or winter cocktail. Make it hot or slush it up!

All Lush flavors are made with organic & real-food ingredients. No fillers, chemical preservatives, flavorings or colorings. All flavors are dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, nut-free, GMO-free, and vegan.

Check out our delicious Lush Recipes (see tab on menu above). You'll find basic Lush Recipes, Alcohol-Free recipes and Mocktails, Simple Syrups, and dozens of ways to use Lush!

Each canister also includes the simple steps to make frozen slushies, chilled drinks, simple syrups, & single servings. Wine recommendations are also included.