5 Tips to Increase Profit with Lush

5 Tips to Increase Profit with Lush

Welcome to the Lush Buzz Wholesale Club!

We absolutely love connecting to our wholesale customers. In fact, you are the very people that make our business go round! We are starting this newsletter to connect with you better, provide tips, tools and strategies to help you be as successful as possible with Lush, and give you our best prices.

Today, here are our 5 best tips to be as profitable as possible with Lush Wine Mix!

1. Check Out New Price Structure on our Updated Catalog on Faire, the Hubventory, or www.lushwinemix.com.

Even though we are facing higher costs of doing business (like everyone), we decided to take a bold step. We have simplified our catalog and decreased our wholesale prices. We know you face high expenses as well, so we hope this helps.

Now, you can buy all individual canisters at 50% of MSRP, or you can save an additional $0.10 per canister if you buy a single-sku casepacks.

Another part of our new simplified catalog is it allows you to create your own your flavor pack at the 50% MSRP pricepoint. Previously, we had specific casepacks - but, you gave feedback that you wanted specific flavors and not others. We listened! Now, all individual canisters are $8/wholesale, so mix and match as you'd like and give your customers the flavors they like best!

2. We Now Have a Direct Wholesale Option on www.lushwinemix.com.

We are super thankful for every marketplace. We know that the Hubventory and Faire are very convenient for many buyers, and that's great. Our prices are the same in every place.

If you'd like to go direct and get FREE SHIPPING (all the time), apply for a wholesale account on the "Wholesale Tab" on our site.

3. Show 'Em Lush - Made as a Wine Slushie

Not everyone has heard of wine slushies before. In fact, they can't always even imagine them. In order to *show* them a Lush Wine slushie in mere seconds, consider using the media pictures we offer Lush Wholesale Club Media Folder.

I mean, take a look at the image at the beginning of this email. I'm thirsty already.

The media contained in the folded linked above can be printed on cardstock and hung, framed, shared on social, etc. In addition, you can always share any of our posts and reels on Instagram to your customers to show them what you've got in stock!

NEW: We now have beautiful, digital recipe books you can give to your customers! Best of all, they are free! Check them out - we talking Wine Slushies, Mocktails, Summer Cocktails and more. They are in the folder linked above.

4. Experiment with Slightly Higher MSRP & Bundles.

There are 2 ways you can get a direct increase in profit with Lush - sell it for more and/or sell more of it!

Here's our experience: we have wholesalers selling it anywhere from $15.95 (MSRP) up to $18.00. Of course, this depends on your specific location, customers, and market. But, a slight increase up to $17.49 may not hurt your sales while driving up your profit.

To increase AOV, you can also experiment with bundles. If you can give a slight decrease in price per unit for 3 rather than 1, you can often upsell with ease. Bundles we suggest right now are:

Spring Sunshine 3-Pack or Best Summer 3-Packs

5. Serve and/or Sample Lush

Hands down, Lush sells best when customers can taste it.

First, we send a sample bag that makes 55 ounces with every retail wholesale order. A great way to increase sales is to give this as samples to customers - just 1 ounce each (use disposable condiment cups for these samples). That's 55 samples you can give. In fact, you can freeze (and refreeze) Lush in the condiment cups, then allow it to defrost when needed.

Next, if you aren't able to serve alcohol as a sample, use club soda in place of white wine or 100% cranberry juice (unsweetened) in place of red wine for Lush Mocktail Slushies. Let customers know it will taste slightly different with wine, but this is close!

Of course, if you actually serve Lush for sale, you can make a killing! Every bulk bag of Lush ($31-$34 wholesale) makes 330+ ounces wine slushie. Most places serve 10-12 ounces for $10-$14, yielding a revenue of approximately $330.00. You can use a good-quality budget wine (like a box wine) if you'd like, and you'll get great results with great profit!

Bonus Tip:

Upsell Lush canisters as not just as a drink, but as a gift. They make incredible hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, girls night out gifts, wedding party gifts etc. Along this vein, let customers know you can never have too many gifts like Lush on hand for whenever the mood strikes to make someone's day with a gift!


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