Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lush?

Lush is an all-natural and organic dry mix that you mix with your favorite type of wine, put it in the freezer and 6-8 hours later it’s a delicious, frozen, wine slush. Similar in consistency to a frozen margarita.

What flavors are available?

Lush currently comes in 2 options: Original and the Sangria.

  • The original has 3 all-natural, organic ingredients and it takes on the flavor of whatever wine you mix it with. Reds, Whites, Dessert wines, champagne etc.
  • The Sangria is our original mix with the addition of real, freeze-dried oranges, lemons, and limes. It tastes like freshly made, real-fruit sangria without all the work! We recommend the Sangria with a red wine, although it works well with a white too. We also recommend an optional adding of ½ Cup of Brandy or Cognac to the mix before freezing.

How much Lush do I get out of 1 bag?

One bag of Lush goes with 1 bottle of wine. You more than double your volume as each bag of Lush will yield 55 oz of wine slush. Your normal 750ml bottle of wine is just over 25 oz. You should get approximately 11 servings out of 1 bag of Lush.

What’s the best way to make Lush?

  • The freezer method is the preferred method and we recommend making the batch in a gallon size zip-top bag (such as Ziploc) for easy storing in your freezer.
  • The blender method works just as well and is perfect if you don’t think ahead of time to make via the freezer method.
  • Both methods are outlined on the packaging.

Can you use Lush with non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes! Sparkling cider, ginger-ale, and juice are all great non-alcoholic options to use with Lush. Instructions for non-alcoholic options can be found at www.lushwinemix.com/lush-instructions

What if Lush “unfreezes”? Can I freeze it again?

Yes, if you have Lush out for too long, just pop it back in your freezer for another 6-8 hours and it will go back to the original consistency.

What if I leave Lush in my freezer for longer than 6-8 hours?

Eventually Lush will freeze through into a solid. If this happens, just pull the Lush out of our freezer once you’re ready to drink. Let it thaw for 30 – 45 minutes, stir and you’ll be back to the right slushy consistency.

I’ve heard some Lush profits go to charity.  Is this true?

Lush gives a $1 of every bag purchased to help feed families struggling with hunger. Typically Lush gives back through Feeding America; however, they’ve also donated to local charities as well such as the Golden Backpack Program and Denver Rescue Mission. You can feel good drinking your Lush knowing that you helped provide a meal to a hungry family.

What if I want to serve Lush at a large party or wedding?

Lush sells large quantities of the product for weddings and special events. Lush also has a frozen beverage machine available to rent for your party to keep your Lush at the right consistency throughout your event. Lush also has single serving packets available to give as favors at your wedding or as thank you gifts to your party guests. More information at www.lushwinemix.com/weddingsevents

Where can Lush be delivered?

At this time, we only ship with the flat rate within the Continental US.  However, if you want to discuss shipping rates internationally, please contact us directly.  We’re trying our best to find an affordable delivery method outside the US.

If you have any questions:

Don’t hesitate to contact Lush Owners Erin Rose Myers or Kelli Jennings @ lush@lushwinemix.com.