Double Your Lush Sales this Weekend with One Trick

Double Your Lush Sales this Weekend with One Trick

Hello and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

If you have Lush canisters in stock, or if you serve Lush, let us introduce you to our little friend:


Lush swirls are an amazing way to serve wine slushies - next level, beautiful, and delicious.

Or, if selling, Lush Swirls will double your sales, because 2 flavors are better than one!

For Cinco de Mayo, we love this SANGARITA SWIRL.

(Want to print the SANGARITA SWIRL recipe card so you can display it? Customers can snap a quick pic, buy Lush Sangria & Lush Margarita, and make the Sangarita at home. CLICK HERE here to download and print!)


Of course, this isn't the only Lush Swirl.

Some of our favorites include:

*Lush Margarita + Lush Paloma

*Lush White Sangria + Lush Red Sangria

*Lush Original Frose (made with Rose') + Lush Paloma.

*Lush Original Frose (made with white) + Lush Lavender Lemon

*Lush White Original Frose' + Lush Red Original Frose'


Sell singles, serve Lush, and get creative. We'll tell you how to tripling sale on Mother's Day, and our 5 All-Time best sales tips - click button below...

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