Triple Your Sales this Mother's Day (Let's Make it Galentine's!)

Triple Your Sales this Mother's Day (Let's Make it Galentine's!)

Hey Lush Buzz Wholesale Club!

Mother's Day is coming up, and we're here to help you sell Lush like a mother if you know what I mean.

Today, 3 tips to triple your Mother's Day Lush sales from Lush Wholesale:

1. Make Mother's Day about Mom Frames, Not Just Your Own Mom

Let's learn from Galentine's. What was once a gift-giving day between lovers is now one of the biggest gift-giving days between gal pals. Mother's Day can be the SAME. Think about your mom friends. How many times have you thought you'd love to tell them they're doing a great job? You'd love to give a sweet, beautiful gift to them. Let's do it! Show your customers how Mother's Day is the NEW GALENTINE'S! $16 gift that will absolutely show appreciation to every mom in their life.

WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, bundle it in 3-Packs for the upsell. Most moms have more than one friend after all.

2. Display Lush for what is: A delicious organic cocktail AND a gift.

LUSH IS EXTREMELY GIFTABLE. Unlike most other cocktail mixers, ours comes in a beautifully designed package. It's a unique, round, recyclable, paper canister. It looks amazing on the shelf and wows as a gift. Sure, a customer might buy for themselves as they would any cocktail. Encourage them to make one and gift one:

*It's an easy gift because there are no size requirements.

*It's an easy gift because it's versatile...make a wine slushie, cocktail, or mocktail.

*It's an easy gift because it's less than $20.

*It's an easy gift because it's like flowers, but they won't die. In fact, a few flavors have actual flowers in them...

3. Serve Samples & show 'em a Fabulous Mother's Day Party

Customers can throw a fabulous Mother's Day party by serving Lush (an even better one by serving AND gifting). They can make a delicious organic WINE SLUSHIE that serves 8+, Mocktail Slushie, or Mimosa Bar* with Lush. No other ingredients to add except the wine. Easy, delicious, hostess with the mostess mix!

*For a mimosa bar, simply follow the instructions on the Lush canister to make simple syrups. Then add 1-2 Tablespoons to the bottom of a champagne glass, and pour the champagne over. Cheers!

Bonus Tip:

If customers are looking for more in a gift, Lush can be bundled with beautiful cocktail glasses, aprons, garnishes like dried grapefruit slices, wine (of course!), and cocktail shakers, muddlers, and stirrers.

If you have an fun & upscale vibe, Lush is for you!

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