Affiliate Program - Selling Lush 101

1. Keep Lush Simple to Start

The entire premise of Lush is that you can make a delicious frozen craft wine cocktail at home in minutes.

When describing Lush initially, we simply state that

"Lush turns any bottle of wine into a delicious wine slushie."

This is our elevator speech. That's it. In fact, our best seller is still our Original Frose'. It's super simple, but it turns your favorite bottle of wine into a slushie - what could be better?

Our simple tagline is Mix. Freeze. Yum.

Here's a graphic that can be downloaded and used as needed.


2. How is Lush Different? It's about the ingredients & FLAVORS.

There are a few ways that Lush is different

First of all, unlike our competitors, Lush is organic and real food. Our ingredients are scrutinized and carefully sourced. Our Apple Toddy is made with apples, not apple juice. There are real strawberries, lemons, oranges, lavender, and more in our mixes. We know exactly what's in every mix, where it comes from, and how it's grown.

Second, unlike most of our competitors, you only need to add alcohol and water to make every Lush Slushie. Many other mixers want you to add fruit, juice, herbs, etc. Not Lush. Lush + a bottle of wine. Mix. Freeze. Yum. Third, there's an entire line-up of delicious Lush flavors. These include:

  • Original Frose': Our most basic flavor allows the flavor of your favorite wine to shine through! Turns any wine (red, white, rose') into a delicious, not-too-sweet wine slushie.
  • Sangria: This citrus sangria is bright and light. The real oranges, lemons, and limes shine through and taste delicious in a red or wine. Incredibly refreshing.
  • Margarita: You'll never know this isn't a traditional frozen margarita - it's that good. Not too sweet, and bursting with limes, if you like margaritas, you'll love this wine slushie margarita twist.
  • Strawberry Basil Lemonade: Tastes like a glass of summer! It's bursting with strawberries, lemons, and basil. Delicious and perfect for a hot day!
  • Lush Paloma: This has become a cult classic. Lush Paloma is a delicious blend of real grapefruits, oranges, and rosemary. It's perfect on a hot summer day, and year-round!
  • Lush Lavender Lemon: With a subtle hint of lavender, and delicious fresh lemons, this mixer is a springtime and summer treat. Light, refreshing, and beautiful.
  • Lush Ginger Hibiscus: This mixer is bold in flavor, delicate in appearance, unique, and delicious! It combines real organic hibiscus petals, gingerroot, and matcha green tea leaves for a true craft cocktail at home.
  • Lush Moscow Mule: Moscow Mules are a tried and true favorite, and this one is one of the best. Like the Margarita, you'll be blown away that this is a wine cocktail. Add vodka, and enjoy a twist on a delicious classic.
  • Lush Apple Toddy: We can't keep this one stocked. It makes an absolutely delicious wine slushie, perfect for summer and autumn. Then, heat it instead of freezing in the cold months for a warm Wine Apple Toddy. It tastes like a fresh bite of apple, because that's what it is.
  • Lush Spiced Wine: Deemed "Christmas in a Cup" and named a Top 10 Mulled Wine in the Country! Lush Spiced Wine is a best seller and gets amazing reviews from new mulled wine drinkers and those from a heritage of European Mulled Wine countries. It has an amazing depth of flavor that is unmatched in a mixer.

To learn more about every flavor, simply click on any Lush Flavor on our product page. Every listing includes detailed ingredient lists, nutrition facts, instructions, and more! Lush Product Page

3. Lush is a Fabulous Gift

Lush is sold as a gift as often as it's sold as a cocktail. We've spent unmatched time and money on our packaging to deliver a cocktail that's as much fun to gift as it is to drink. The more you can promote it as a buy one, give one gift, the more you can increase your order value. Think Galentine's day, Bachelorette Gifts, Party Favors, Mother's Day for Mom friends, Hostess gifts, Teacher gifts, New Neighbor gifts, and more. Girl's Night Out is way more fun when Lush is shared.

4. Lush Does Even More

Sure, we keep it simple to start. But then, we show customers how much more you can do with Lush.

  1. Mocktails: Lush makes delicious frozen mocktails! Simply replace any white wine with club soda, or any red wine with 100% unsweetened cranberry juice. Mix. Freeze. Yum! 
  2. Simple Syrups: Lush makes perfect simple syrups! Simply mix 1 cup water with any entire package of Lush. Then, the whole world of cocktails and recipes opens up! Use Lush Sangria simple syrup in any citrus cocktail, strawberry basil lemonade syrup in berry cocktails, and more!
  3. Blender: Make 1-2 servings Lush in a blender if you need a wine slushie quickly! 6 ounces wine. Add 3 Tbsp Lush and blend to mix well. Add 2 cups of ice and blend to desired consistency.
  4. Single Servings: 3 ounces of wine + 3 ounces water + 1.5-2 tablespoons of Lush. Freeze 2-4 hours.
  5. Next-Level Slushies: Coming Soon!

In fact, we offer numerous digital recipe books for FREE! Check them out on our product page here: Free Digital Recipe Books (scroll down). Direct customers to these Recipe Books to give them more ways to use Lush and more reasons to buy it again and again!

5. Lush Gives Back

With every Lush canister sold, we give back to charities that focus on women, moms, and children. Typically, the charities focus on hunger, clean water, and medical needs. We have 7 kids between us, and it is one of our lives' passions to support other women in a time they need it. Our give back program is called Every Lush. Every Month. It's what motivates us when business is hard, and what delights us month after month.


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