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Who buys wholesale lush?

boutiques * wine shops * stores

Lush is a top seller at boutiques, wine shops & liquor stores. Our wholesale customers order again & again. Start with $100 in FREE Lush today!

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breweries * restaurants * wineries

Lush will become your customers' favorite new cocktail. See customer and patron reviews below & start serving Lush today ($100 FREE!).

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Food Trucks * Vendors

Lush is a great addition to any food truck & routinely sells out at fairs. Buy our vendor case pack to serve & sell Lush today! First $100 FREE.

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Wholesale Reviews

Wholesale customers & their patrons can't get enough...

5 STARS: Suzanne (April 24, 2018)

Oh My Goodness…We already offer craft beers on tap and a wine station where customers can sample before they buy. I knew adding the wine slushies was just gonna add that much more to the business. I had no idea how fast it was gonna be a hit. Within 24 hours of posting on Facebook we reached over 23,000 people. …Within 3 days we have already refilled all three compartments up!!!

5 STARS: Nathan (January 14, 2022)

These Lush Wine Mixers are great and customers seem to love them! We have been stocking them for 6+ months and they move very fast. The wide variety of flavors and selection makes it a great addition to our lineup. Their support is always super responsive and ship out timely. It is clear their team cares about building their brand long-term and devote a lot of creative effort into the product. If you sell drink mixers we recommend giving these a try!

5 STARS: Allyn (March 15, 2022)

Loved this brand. They ar the perfect little gift item.

5 STARS: Merit (March 12, 2022)

Great! These sell really well and we use the large mixes for our wine slushie machine! Excellent product and fantastic communication! Will continue to order!

5 STARS: Teresa (March 3, 2022)

My customers loved these. I like that they were sourced fresh.

5 STARS: Anita (February 22, 2022)

Lush Wine Mix sold very well at our Holiday show!

5 STARS: Cheryl (February 07, 2022)

Nice product, will look great in our store

5 STARS: Ray (February 06, 2022)

Our business provided sangria samples at our holiday open house and sold one carton to 9 out of 10 people who sampled. It was a hit!

5 STARS: Lindsey (February 05, 2022)

Such cute packaging and I love that it gives instructions for single serving and full servings for parties!

5 STARS: Renea (January 28, 2022)

Great!! Amazing! It's selling! My guest love them all

5 STARS: Jolene (January 25, 2022)

Quick & easy to order.

4 STARS - Allyn (January 23, 2022)

This is a product where you cannot judge it by the packaging. I love these mixes and will continue to get them for my store. But the lids are a little dirty looking.

5 STARS: Shannon (January 20, 2022)

Great products, fast shipping and great customer service when they were out of an item -

5 STARS: Kiara (January 14, 2022)

Great product! Looks very high end! Would definitely buy again!

5 STARS: Sarah (January 03, 2022)

These are great and the customers love them!

5 STARS: December 29, 2021, Amy

My customers really loved them

Highlight was the wine slushy...

The highlight was the wine slushy. Oh my God!! Get the white/red blend and enjoy an ‘adult’ slushy. Soooo good!


This has definitely become a new hang out of mine! I typically hate frequenting breweries, but they have a specialty that I’m a fan of: WINE SLUSHIES!!! They do it it with Malbec or a savignon blanc.

Raving about their wine slushies...

My friends have been raving about their Wine Slushies and I’ve finally found time to check it out. Let’s just say it was everything I hoped for and this may be my new spot to go to when it starts getting warm outside!

God sent...

I’m not the biggest wine fan but those wine slushies are God sent!

wine slushies are awesome...

The wine slushies are awesome! You can can wine, red or a mix of both.

wine slushy is a must!

The wine slushy is a must!! My new happy place!!The wine slushy is quite tasty and the only reason I keep going back.

childish twist on an adult beverage...

Most of us had flights, but his mom had the red wine slushie and it was actually really good! Who knew a childish twist on an adult beverage would work so well?

it was outstanding...

They also have a Wine Slushy machine! It was outstanding!

ask them for sangria...

The best wine bar in Colorado. The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing. The owners hospitable, warm and friendly. The wine delicious. Ask them for some Sangria.

wine slush, warm spiced wine, & sangria...

We also got to sample their wine slush (2 flavors-both sooo good), warm spiced wine (yummmm) and sangria.

mulled wine a tasty treat...

The mulled wine was a tasty fall treat. Would stop by again!

it was delicious...

Our friend was drinking from their wine selection and tried one of their wine slushies! She let us all try it and it was delicious.

the slushy is sinful...

the cheese was to die for the wine was amazing and the slushy is sinful.

great in the summer...

WIne slushies are great in the summer...a must!

Perfrect summer treat.

They also make delicious wine slushies, which was the perfect summer treat.

hit the spot...

They also have wine slushies which really hit the spot on a 90 degree day.

Wholesale FAQ

Unlike others, Lush is a dry mix of organic ingredients, real fruits, real spices, and real herbs. It contains no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives. In addition, Lush is comprised of 10 delicious flavors, all of which make great wine slushies, simple syrups, and more.

Yes, like most cocktails, it does contain some sugar. Our sugar is sustainably sourced, organic, and only about 50-60% of the sugar per serving of other wine slushies and cocktail mixers. The other ingredients make the drink!

It's easy! For most establishments, it's easiest to use a frozen drink machine. Then, simply mix wine, water, and Lush (+ any recommended other alcohol), dump it into the machine, and voila! You've got the best frozen cocktail around!

No way Jose'! Lush has everything you need for flavor. Just add the wine, water, and optional additional alcohol (like Tequila for the Margarita!).

Lush Wine Mixers are completely shelf-stable for 2-3 years.

We don't allow the sale of Lush on any third-party marketplace like Amazon. We love for customers to shop local at the boutiques and shops across the country that carry Lush. See our store locator for current locations.

We conduct our wholesale business through the Abound Marketplace. , Simply head to Faire Marketplace to set up your account and place your order. Abound allows us to offer great promotions, free shipping on many orders, and more!

Contact Lush Today

We’d love to discuss our wholesale prices and your specific business interests in Lush. Click on the image below, or  contact us by email @, or call 720-276-2562 or 970-209-1444. Thank you for your time. We’d love to work with you. Cheers!